Iron, 25mg (Natural Chelated)

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Natural, chelated iron as a combination of amino acid chelate and ferrous gluconate helps prevent unpleasant side effects associated with non-chelated iron.

Chelated iron such as ferrous gluconate has been shown to be more effective at raising blood levels of iron and hemoglobin than non-chelated forms. Our Natural Chelated Iron provides a combination of 25mg of amino acid chelate and ferrous gluconate per tablet. This form will not cause some of the typical side effects associated with non-chelated iron such as constipation and nausea.


Provides 25mg of iron per tablet.
Combination of iron amino acid chelate and gluconate.
Both forms are well absorbed and non-irritating to the GI tract.



  • Iron supplementation has been shown to help support individuals by increasing iron levels.
  • Iron helps support energy production and oxygen transport in the body.
  • Iron plays a role in hundreds of enzymatic reactions including those involving neurotransmitter synthesis, energy production, collagen synthesis, antioxidant support, and nitric oxide synthesis.
  • Chelated forms of iron have been shown in studies to be better absorbed and lead to higher blood and tissue iron levels without some of the common GI-associated side effects.