Micro Calibrated PQQ-SR (Temporarily Discontinued)

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An organic molecule naturally occurring in the food supply, PQQ is the first new vitamin discovered since 1948 and has been proposed to be classified as a new B vitamin.. It supports the health and increases production of mitochondria, which generate the energy cells need to function efficiently.*

Because the degradation of mitochondria is a key contributing factor to physiological aging in humans, PQQ may:

  • Slow the aging process*
  • Increase energy levels*
  • Improve cognitive function*
  • Alleviate occasional stress and sleeplessness*
  • Improve cardiovascular function*
  • Improve endurance*
  • Speed recovery*
  • Improve skin*

PQQ supplementation at levels higher than what is found in food has positive effects on cognitive function, immune status, antioxidant status, cardiovascular health, and neurological function. PQQ was found to improve not only immediate memory, but also other higher brain functions such as spatial awareness. The effects of PQQ were enhanced when the substance was used with CoQ10. Researchers found that PQQ taken either alone or in combination with CoQ10 has the potential to prevent, or even reverse, the decline in cognitive function caused by the aging process and oxidative stress.

Micro Calibrated PQQ-SR is a dietary supplement that features MicroPQQ, a patented form of PQQ. In 2010, MicroPQQ was recognized by the highly prestigious Nutracon Best New Finished Product of the Year award. MicroPQQ has been used in all of the human clinical studies on PQQ published to date and is the only natural NDI-accepted PQQ on the market. In 2013, MicroPQQ won the Engredea Editors Choice Award for Ingredient with the Best Science.

Mechanism of Action

Double-blind, placebo-controlled human studies have found PQQ improves memory, spatial awareness, and concentration by facilitating nerve regeneration and enhancing nerve growth factor (a protein that promotes the growth, maintenance, and survival of nerve cells).

PQQ helps mitochondria increase in numbers and efficiency so they can help brain cells function more efficiently. The increased synthesis of mitochondria is caused by the activation of two proteins that regulate the expression of genes and the formation of mitochondria:.


PQQ is a safe, naturally occurring essential nutrient found in foods such as kiwi, green peppers, potatoes, tofu and green tea. Micro Calibrated PQQ-SR has been the subject of numerous safety studies, including acute toxicity and genotoxicity studies, in both humans and animals.


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