Korean Ginseng Authentic (Panax ginseng C A Meyer / Araliaceae) standardized to 5% [17.5 mg] ginsenosides per capsule

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AlchePharma utilizes authentic, Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng C A Meyer /  Araliaceae).  The number of ginsenoside types contained in Korean ginseng (38 ginsenosides) is substantially more than that of ginsenoside types contained in American ginseng (19 ginsenosides). Furthermore, Korean ginseng has been identified to contain more main non-saponin compounds, phenol compounds, acid polysaccharides and polyethylene compounds than American ginseng and Sanchi ginseng.

Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng C A Meyer / Araliaceae ) is one of the most heavily studied ginsengs in the world and is traditionally used as an important herbal medicine in Far East Asia.

Our Korean Ginseng is standardized to 5% [17.5 mg] ginsenosides per 350 mg capsule of Panax ginseng root extract powder.

  • The German botanist Nees Von Esenbeck first classified Korean ginseng as Panax shinseng var. coraiensis Nees in 1833, with the term coraiensis referring to Korea as its wild habitat. The Russian botanist Carl Anton Meyer renamed the plant Panax ginseng in 1843.

For many years, Korea has operated the Office of Monopoly, to safeguard and oversee the quality of ginseng that is produced in Korea. All ginseng products that are sold must bear the seal of the Office of Monopoly. It is illegal to remove ginseng seeds from Korea in an attempt to cultivate them elsewhere.


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