Seville Orange Natural Flavor Carbonated Soft Drink

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Seville Orange
  • LIVE A LITTLE PURA with all-natural, “better-for-you” PURA Soda – the bold soda that’s taking the US by storm.
  • BIG ON TASTE and refreshment without the bad stuff.
  • INTERNATIONAL AWARD-WINNING product for taste and innovation. 100% NATURAL with all-natural flavors, zero colorants and just a sprinkle of cane sugar.
  • FIVE PIONEERING FLAVORS that are delicious enjoyed on their own or as a mixer.
  • POMEGRANATE FLAVOR capitalizes on its superfruit status, is sharp and fresh, and quenches your thirst drop after drop.



We all want to be a little healthier, but most of us don’t want to go to extremes. Introducing PURA Soda – the better-for-you soda that makes it easier for everyone to Live a Little PURA. PURA Soda is a carbonated soft drink, packed full of flavor, that comes without the sugar rushes or synthetic ingredients that no one can pronounce. Five pioneering flavors taste like the natural ingredients they are made from, and are crisp, clean and refreshing on the pallet. With zero colorants, no added nasty stuff and clocking in at just 60 calories per 300ml can, PURA Soda offers a guilt-free thirst quencher. While PURA Soda is delicious and refreshing when enjoyed ice cold on its own, it also makes a flavorful mixer when added to your favorite spirit to create a cheeky cocktail.

  • Pack of 12 300ML cans