Beta- 1,3 -1,6-D-Glucan from the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae + Maitake Mushroom (100mg capsules) 90 Vcaps

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Size: 90 Veg Caps
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AlchePharma® Beta-1,3/1,6-D-Glucan (Beta-Glucan) is a bioactive carbohydrate derived from the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, commonly known as Bakers' yeast.* Scientific studies have shown that yeast-derived Beta-Glucan can interact with certain immune cells, including those present in the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT).* The GALT exists in the intestinal tract and is known to play a critical role in healthy immune system function.* AlchePharma®  Beta-Glucan is blended with Maitake Mushrooms for complementary support.*


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