Nutraceutical Innovation Since 2012

AlchePharma Raw Material Processing
All our Contract Processing Facilities are FDA Registered
AlchePharma Bottling and Packaging
All our Contract Bottling facilities are GMP Certified
AlchePharma is a Top-Rated International Supplier
We rapidly process all orders from our own California Facility, U.S.A.
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Additional AlchePharma Certifications

Stringent Quality and Logistics Control

AlchePharma is 889 Certified for Federal Government and Miltary Purchasers

AlchePharma Certification #K-1604 For Products Containing neither dairy nor meat ingredients ( on Specific Products)

AlchePharma works with Amazon Transparency: This is a product serialization service that helps identify individual units and proactively prevents counterfeits.

New Arrivals