DHEA ((Dehydroepiandrosterone) Pharmaceutical Grade 25 mg.

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DHEA is a steroid hormone produced mainly in the adrenal glands, and in lesser amounts in the testes, ovaries and brain. Production of DHEA peaks in early adulthood and slowly declines with aging. DHEA serves as a precursor to male and female sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen. DHEA levels are reported to be low in some individuals with anorexia, kidney disease, Type-2 Diabetes, AIDS and the critically ill. DHEA levels may also be reduced by several drugs including steroids, and opiate-type pain medications.

• Our DHEA is at a potency of 25mg per capsule.
• It is Pharmaceutical Grade, for highest purity and quality.
• Notice the warning on the label: “Do not use if pregnant, nursing, planning to bear children, using any hormonal products or a prescription drug. Individuals suffering from any disease should consult a health care professional before using this product.

• DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. It is considered to be part of the steroid family and is used in the body to make testosterone and estrogen. DHEA levels can be tested by a person’s doctor. Because of the hormonal pathways of DHEA, it is a good idea to work with a health professional when taking DHEA.
• DHEA is mainly produced by the body. We get almost negligible amounts in food. The production of DHEA declines with age. By about 60 we produce only 5-15% of what we produced in our 20’s.
• There is also growing evidence of DHEA helping to support healthy bone structure, especially in postmenopausal women.*
• There are also preliminary studies showing DHEA helps support healthy sexual function in older women and possibly men (no age group indicated).*
• Safety issues: DHEA has been studied in relatively short term intervals. Because it does increase estrogen and testosterone it could be contraindicated for people with hormone-related cancers (breast, prostate, uterine) and or a family history of these types of cancer.* DHEA may also have side effects of acne and male pattern hair growth (typically facial hair).