Horsechestnut Extract 300 mg. European Standardized 20% Natural Aescin

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Horsechestnut seed extract is widely used in Europe to support healthy vein structure/function, both essential for normal, healthy circulation. Horsechestnut’s active agents include aescin and proanthacyanidin A2, with most of the biological effects being mediated by aescin. Aescin has been shown to support the normal, healthy structure and function of venous capillaries. This, in turn, provides support for normal venous circulation and healthy blood flow to the lower extremities, heart and other organs.†

European standardized extract from EuroMed, a world leader in European botanical extracts.
EuroMed applies a consistent extraction process that provides the highest yield of active ingredients.
Contains 300mg horsechestnut standardized to 20% Aescin providing 60mg per capsule of the most active ingredient.

Horsechestnut helps support healthy venous structure and function, supporting normal circulation throughout the cardiovascular system.†
Horsechestnut helps to maintain a healthy venous tone and promote vascular integrity. Studies have also suggested that horsechestnut maintains the structural support of connective tissue within veins.†
Horsechestnut’s content of proanthocyanidin A2 gives it the ability to provide antioxidant protection and help mediate the activity of enzymes that break down the collagen matrix of blood vessels.†
More than 20 clinical studies done on European standardized horsechestnut show positive results. Four of these were randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.†