Sarsaparilla Root Liquid Extract HSR 1:3 PARVE K-1604

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AlchePharma's Sarsaparilla Root Tincture liquid tincture utilizes wild-harvested Sarsaparilla Root in an herb strength ratio of 1:3. This yields an Herb Weight Equivalence of 300 mg. per 1 ml.

Other Ingredients: Deionized Water, Grain Alcohol (55%-65% by volume)

*** AlchePharma's *Parve certification id K-1604




What is Parve


A pareve (neutral) product is made from inherently kosher or kosher certified ingredients that are neither meat, nor dairy. Some examples of pareve ingredients are raw fruits & vegetables, flour, sugar, kosher fish, and eggs. (Even though eggs are found in the dairy section of your supermarket, kosher law dictates that they are in fact pareve.) A pareve product can be used with meat or dairy products.

Application for:

• Receiving: If a facility is set up to handle only pareve products, receiving must ensure that all products coming into the facility have a kosher symbol that designates them as pareve.

• Production: A kosher pareve product is produced only on a production line especially dedicated for kosher pareve products, or properly kosherized before production.

• Sales: Since pareve can be used with both dairy and meat, if an item can be designated as pareve, it will have a wider market. A pareve product will bear a plain “OK” symbol or an “OK Pareve” symbol.

• Procurement: If a facility is set up to handle only pareve products, all ingredients must be listed on your ingredient list as pareve. No dairy or meat ingredients should be present in the facility. Procurement should be aware of this requirement when approving new materials for this facility.