Astragalus- Organic Astragalus Membranaceus Root Vegetarian Capsules

Astragalus- Organic Astragalus Membranaceus Root Vegetarian Capsules

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Astragalus membranaceus, more commonly known as Astragalus, or huáng qí, is an herb that has been traditionally used in Chinese Medicine for Centuries, and sometimes used through Intravenous(IV) Therapy in a hospital setting. Although there are about 2,000 varieties of Astragalus, Astragalus membranaceus, is one of the primary ones that are used for its benefits. Astragalus herb is traditionally used in its dried powdered form or as a strong decoction, made from boiling the dried root in water. The many phytochemical compounds found in specifically the Root of Astragalus, are believed to harness its various uses for potential health benefits.




  • Astragalus contains compounds & polysaccharides that may aid in boosting the immune system. In vitro studies have demonstrated that Astragalus promotes B-cell proliferation and antibody production and enhances CTL (Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes) activity. So it may suggest an immuno-stimulating effect.
  • Contains Astragalosides (antioxidants), which support the integrity of the respiratory tract. In Chinese Medicine, one of its primary uses has been as a lung tonic, and may help in resistance against respiratory tract infections.
  • Antioxidants found in Astragalus have been found to increase superoxide dismutase (Enzyme that helps break down potentially harmful oxygen molecules in cells) and decreasing lipid peroxide activity (Lipid Peroxidation Products depending upon their concentration, cause selective alterations in cell signaling, protein and DNA damage, and cytotoxicity, therefore potentially reducing the possibility).
  • Astragalus has been used in Chinese Medicinal recipes for the aid of kidney disorders and its diuretic effect. Proteinuria is a condition in which abnormal amounts of protein are found in urine, a sign that the kidneys may be damaged or not functioning correctly. Astragalus was found to reduce and improve Proteinuria in several studies. May also aid in reduction of infection with individuals with decreased renal function.


Suggested Use: Take 1 Cap, 1-3 times per day or as directed by a health care professional.


100 Billion Probiotic ( Synbiotic)  SURVIVES STOMACH ACID • SHELF STABLE • 12 STRAINS

100 Billion Probiotic ( Synbiotic) SURVIVES STOMACH ACID • SHELF STABLE • 12 STRAINS

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Product # 654: 100 Billion Probiotic                                               




In addition to serving as a delivery system for the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste material, the intestinal tract also plays important roles in maintaining healthy immunity and providing resistance to pathogens. The GI tract is populated by billions of cells of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) which help us digest and absorb our food, maintain a healthy intestinal pH (acid content), protect us from pathogenic bacteria, and provide an environment conducive to the continued health of the intestinal tract.* This formula offers a very high potency of powerful probiotics that can effectively intervene in acute gastrointestinal and immune conditions and or help support long-term intestinal health.*



  • 12 probiotic strains from Danisco, a world leader in probiotic research and manufacturing.
  • Very high potency at 100 billion viable cells per capsule.
  • Bioenhanced Acid Resistant Strains (BEARS) ensures survivability in both low

(acid) and high (alkaline) pH environments.

  • The BEARS strains in this formula are designed to withstand the acid conditions present in the stomach during digestion without the need for an enteric coating.
  • Danisco selects strains that have been cultivated under harsh conditions, and have developed the ability to adapt to extreme changes in the environment (“survival of the fittest”) i.e. pH, temperature.
  • Probiotic strains are manufactured using a patented poly matrix preservation system, to preserve and ensure stability without the need for refrigeration.
  • The prebiotic blend consists of FOS (food source for probiotics), and FiberAid®arabinogalactans (patented prebiotic from Lonza® that helps support the growth of probiotics).



  • The 12 strains used in this formula have been studied for their ability to support gastrointestinal and immune health.*
  • High potency formula helps to quickly reestablish healthy levels of probiotics in the GI tract.*
  • Once established, a normal, healthy intestinal microflora helps to create an environment that is unfavorable for the growth of pathogenic bacteria.*
  • Helps stimulate the growth of probiotics which have been diminished by the use of antibiotics.*



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