Maca Root Capsules (90 Vcaps) - *Organic, 100% Vegetarian Raw and Gelatinized

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Lepidium meyenii, commonly known as Maca, and sometimes referred to as Peruvian Ginseng, is an edible cruciferous vegetable that is Native to the high Andes mountains of Central Peru. The edible root of Maca is harvested, typically dried, then can be formed into a raw powder, and sometimes gelatinized or formed then into an extract, then encapsulated. The taste of the powdered form of Maca Root is described as Earthy and Nutty, typically added to smoothies or other foods for its benefits. Maca Root can be considered highly nutritious due to its high amount of some essential vitamins and minerals.


  • Studies on Maca Root have shown to improve fertility in Men, also may help with increasing Libido in both Men and Women, therefore potentially improving sexual dysfunction.
  • Potentially can have mood-enhancing benefits, especially on post-menopasual women. Studies performed on post menopausal women who consistently took Maca, showed to have improvements of reduced anxiety and depression. Maca's Flavonoid content is believed to have partial involvement in its mood benefits.
  • Maca's nutrient rich profile may help boost energy levels as it has been traditionally used to boost energy levels in Peruvian Medicine
  • Evidence has shown that Maca may help improve exercise endurance and performance.