Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil [standardized to 70% carvacrol]

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There are over 25 different species of oregano, but wild type oregano, unlike the spice found in the local grocery store and most others, contains active ingredients that provide health benefits. The highest quality and most clinically effective wild type oregano is grown in parts of the Mediterranean. To be able to extract the most delicate and efficacious components of this plant, a gentle steam distillation process must be used. The most important active ingredient is carvacrol, and the highest quality and most potent oregano oil contains a minimum of 60-70% carvacrol. Our oregano oil exceeds all the criteria for supplement grade oregano oil.


  • We use only wildcrafted oregano oil from wild Mediterranean oregano plants.
  • Our wildcrafted oregano oil is derived from plants grown organically without the use of any toxic pesticides and/or herbicides.
  • The plants are grown in their native environment which maximizes their ability to concentrate the natural, bioactive ingredients.
  • The oil is extracted from the plant without the use of harsh chemicals, through a steam distillation process.
  • Our oregano oil is standardized to 70% carvacrol (most bioactive component) and also contains a full-spectrum of other naturally occurring compounds found in oregano.


  • Carvacrol and other naturally occurring oregano compounds have the ability to provide significant support to the immune system.*
  • Carvacrol also helps promote a healthy inflammatory response and provides antioxidant support to healthy cells.*
  • Oregano oil helps support a normal, healthy immune response to environmental allergens.*

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