Bromelain 400 mg 2400 GDU per gram, providing 960 GDU per capsule

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Bromelain is obtained from the lower stems of the pineapple plant. It contains a combination of proteolytic enzymes that have been shown to support a healthy inflammatory response.* It is believed to work by supporting a healthy balance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins.* Bromelain is also effective at breaking down large proteins (proteolytic activity) that when absorbed intact and travel through the bloodstream may cause an allergic response by the body. Some clinical evidence also demonstrates bromelain’s ability to help support a normal rather than excess production of mucus along the respiratory tract.*





•New higher potency, 2400 GDU per gram, providing 960 GDU per capsule.

•GDU stands for Gelatin Digestion Units. This is one standard measurement for digesting protein.

•Research indicates bromelain remains intact (instead of being broken down in the digestive tract) and therefore available for use throughout the body via the bloodstream.




Proteolytic enzyme (protein digestion) from pineapple.*

•Supports a normal, healthy inflammatory response.*

•Some studies have shown bromelain helps support a healthy inflammatory response in damaged tissue.*

•Bromelain has been shown to help break down potential allergens (proteins) before they are absorbed in the intestinal tract and into the bloodstream, potentially causing an allergic reaction.*

•Bromelain has been shown to help support normal platelet aggregation (blood clotting). This can help provide support for the cardiovascular system.*