Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D Tablets

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In research supported by the National Institute of Health, the theory as to why Calcium Citrate shows superior absorption to Calcium Carbonate is elucidated in an excerpt from the study: 

Comparison of the absorption of calcium carbonate and calcium citrate after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

"Several studies have shown that the absorption of calcium carbonate is more dependent on gastric acid secretion than calcium citrate [31–36]. A previous study in healthy, postmenopausal women with varying degrees of gastric acid secretion reported a 2.5-fold higher intestinal calcium absorption following a single test load of calcium citrate than calcium carbonate [37]." 

Published online 2009 May 13. doi: 10.1007/s11695-009-9850-6


The process of building and maintaining bone structure involves numerous biochemical and physiological processes. Osteoblasts and osteoclasts are the two primary types of bone cells involved in maintaining skeletal structure. Osteoblasts are responsible for bone mineralization (building new bone). Osteoclasts are responsible for secreting acid and enzymes that help dissolve “old” bone tissue into calcium and other components, some of which may be reused by the body. The balance of building and breaking down bone involves a complex interplay between various nutrients, hormones, and other biochemicals. Our Calcium Citrate formula with Vitamin D is designed to provide the structural components, as well as help support the complex processes involved in building and maintaining strong, healthy bone structure.



  • Provides calcium as citrate.
  • Contains added Vitamin D for its role in supporting healthy bone structure.



  • Promotes bone growth, density, and strength.
  • Calcium has been approved by the FDA for the prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Calcium citrate is a highly bioavailable form of calcium for supporting the normal, healthy structure of bone tissue.
  • Vitamin D helps support calcium absorption and reduces the amount of calcium lost from bone (bone resorption). Vitamin D plays many important roles in the body, several of which involve supporting bone health.