Castor Seed/Bean Oil ( Ricinus Communis ) - Diverse Oil with Multiple Uses, 100% Pure, No added Ingredients

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Castor Seed/Bean Oil is a diverse Oil with many uses. The Castor Oil extracted from the Ricinus Communis seeds of the plant. Although sometimes referred as "Bean"/Castor Bean Oil, the Oil is Extracted from the Castor Seeds. During the heating extraction process of the oil from Castor Seeds, it removes a toxic enzyme called ricin that is found prior to processing. 



  • Alchepharma Castor (Seed/Bean) Oil, is a 100% Pure, Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free oil. It Contains no added ingredients, so there is no question in Purity and Quality Standards. 
  • Castor Seed Oil is rich in Triglycerides, specifically monounsaturated fatty acids. This can make it a great Moisturizer and Conditioner for Hair, Scalp for Thicker Hair Growth, eyebrows and eyelashes, as a Natural Serum, also for thicker growth*
  • Castor Seed Oil can also be mixed with other oil moisturizers used for the skin, to make a more complete and custom moisturizer.
  • Castor Seed Oil is known to be a Great Carrier oil used in Aromatherapy Purposes, so it can be mixed in with Essential Oils of your choice and massaged into the skin.
  • Rich in the fatty acid: Ricinoleic acid. Studies have shown that Ricinoleic Acid has anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties, which can potentially relieve pain for the joints and muscles, when massaged/applied to the skin.


Directions for Use: Can be used on skin and hair as a rich protectant and emollient(moisturizer), or blended with essential oils for aromatherapy applications.


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