Cinnulin PF® brand premium cinnamon extract, developed by Integrity Nutraceuticals

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What is Cinnulin PF ?

Cinnulin PF is a proprietary water soluble extract of Cinnamomum burmannii. The proprietary extraction process helps filter out toxins found in whole cinnamon. It is the only extract standardized for doubly linked Type-A Polymers, specifically tetramers and trimers shown in clinical research to have a host of health benefits, particularly those related to Metabolic Syndrome.* In a recent study, (Ziegenfuss, et al 2007) 83% of those given the active Type A Polymers experienced a significant decrease in fasting blood sugar (about an 8% drop), compared to only 33% in the placebo group. Moreover, subjects additionally showed statistically lower body fat, enhanced lean body mass, lower systolic blood pressure and saw improvements in various antioxidant measures.*


How Does It Work?

USDA scientist, Dr. Richard A. Anderson has done extensive research regarding the mechanism of action of the doubly linked Type-A Polymers isolated from water soluble extracts of cinnamon. In one particular study, (Jarvill-Taylor, Anderson, Graves, et al 2001) these polyphenolic polymers increased glucose metabolism roughly 20-fold in vitro. Another study, (Anderson, Broadhurst, Polansky, Schmidt, Khan, Flanagan, Schoene, Graves, et al 2004) demonstrated these polymers were effective mimetics of insulin in vitro. In animals, the doubly linked Type-A Polymers appear to have supporting effects on reducing blood pressure. In humans, Cinnulin PF also appears to support glucose transport mechanisms by enhancing the insulin signaling pathways. Cinnulin PF helps metabolic syndrome factors by supporting healthy glucose levels, body composition and blood pressure in healthy individuals. In yet another human study Cinnulin PF showed significant enhancements in some of the regulatory markers related to lean tissue enhancement. (Willouhby DW, in press) Additional findings noted were enhanced trends in markers mean power and strength.*


Application and Serving Size:

Cinnulin PF is an appropriate nutritional support product for healthy glucose levels, body composition, blood pressure and antioxidant function in healthy individuals.* It can be administered in a capsule, tablet, powder or liquid. The recommended serving size for Cinnulin PF is 250 mgs twice daily prior to meals.*






(Cinnamomum burmannii bark) extract (20:1) , Vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water), magnesium stearate and silica.