Fenugreek Seed veggie caps USDA Certified Organic 600 mg per cap( 90 Vcaps )

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Fenugreek is one of the oldest plants used in traditional medicine. It has been used for a long time due to its beneficial properties in the treatment of wounds, abscesses, arthritis, bronchitis, and digestive disorders []. The seeds are the most important and useful part of the fenugreek plant []. Many of the functional and medicinal properties of fenugreek are attributed to its chemical composition (20–25% protein, 45–50% dietary fiber, 20–25% mucilaginous soluble fiber, 6–8% fatty acids and essential oils, and 2–5% steroidal saponins) [].


1. Meghwal M., Goswami T.K. A Review on the functional properties, nutritional content, medicinal utilization and potential application of fenugreek. J. Food Process. Technol. 2012;3:181–190. doi: 10.4172/2157-7110.1000181. [CrossRef] []
2. Khorshidian N., Asli M.Y., Arab M., Mirzaie A.A., Mortazavian A.M. Fenugreek: Potential applications as a functional food and nutraceutical. Nutr. Food Sci. Res. 2016;3:5–16. doi: 10.18869/acadpub.nfsr.3.1.5. [CrossRef] []


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