Magnesium Glycinate

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Magnesium garners less attention than many other minerals, but may be one of the bodys most important essential nutrients.While many nutrients are vital to a few biological processes, magnesium is essential for hundreds of them. It is critical for foundation processes such as carbohydrate and protein synthesis, the movement of other minerals across cell membranes,cellular energy production, synthesis of RDA and DNA, nerve impulse contraction, muscle contraction, the regulation of blood pressure, maintenance of normal heart rhythm, to name a few. Although it is present in many fresh, unprocessed foods, magnesium is lacking in highly-processed foods that make up the majority of the diets of people all over the world. In the absence of a healthy diet, dietary supplementation with magnesium may be advisable to ensure ones proper health.
Magnesium glycinate is highly-absorbable and bioavailable, and is one of the most efficient ways of adding the magnesium to the diet. It readily passes through intestinal walls via passive pathways that are not dependent on the general pH levels in the GI tract.


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