Milk Thistle Extract Plus ( European standardized, EUROMED S.A. ) , Standardized to 80% Silymarin providing 140mg per capsule

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Product # 728:  Milk Thistle Extract Plus                                                




The liver is the body’s main organ of detoxification.  In a two-phase process the liver is able to detoxify toxic substances making them more water-soluble, therefore easier to excrete.  Milk thistle helps protect the liver from potential damage caused by toxic substances.*  By acting at the cell membrane of hepatocytes (liver cells), milk thistle helps prevent toxins from entering the cell and causing damage to healthy liver cells.*  The active ingredient silymarin is effective at protecting the liver from acute and chronic  exposure to toxins.*  It also helps support the liver’s antioxidant defenses, as this organ is consistently exposed to a variety of damaging free radicals.*



  • European standardized Milk Thistle extract
  • Standardized to 80% Silymarin providing 140mg per capsule.
  • Added standardized turmeric and artichoke for synergistic liver support.



  • Helps support normal, healthy liver detoxification. The liver being the major organ of detoxification requires support to help detoxify harmful substances preparing them for excretion.*
  • Milk Thistle helps protect overall liver function. The liver is involved in so many important functions i.e. glucose metabolism, vitamin storage, cholesterol and bile production, vitamin D synthesis, that any damage to the liver caused by toxic substances can impair many important biochemical and physiological functions.*
  • Standardized turmeric extract is included for its synergistic effects. Studies show that the active curcuminoids in turmeric help protect the liver from free radical damage and support liver detoxification processes.*  Turmeric encourages a healthy inflammatory response, which helps protect healthy liver cells from damage.*
  • Standardized artichoke extract has been shown to help provide support to the liver and gall bladder. By supporting healthy bile production in the liver and the normal flow of bile from the liver to the gall bladder, artichoke helps encourage the removal of toxins processed by the liver.*



Preparation of the Extract and Quality Control

Standard quality assured

Milk thistle, the plant of Cardui mariae fruct. originates from
material grown in Europe. From these fruits, specially identified
and with a standard quality Euromed manufactures Milk thistle

The plant material used for Euromed Milk thistle extract is
primarily cultivated. Permanent professional botanical
inspections are part of the growth of the crops and ensure that
conditions of cultivation, harvest, drying and storage are up to
the highest standards. This way the extract quality of Euromed
Milk thistle extract is maintained.

Inspection upon its arrival at Euromed

When the plant material arrives at Euromed an exhaustive
inspection of the raw material is carried out according to the
current methods in order to guarantee the quality of the final
Furthermore Euromed evaluates the possible contamination of
the drug. Only high-quality raw plant material selected
according to the strictest criteria is used.

Strict quality control of the extracts

Euromed applies an extraction process which provides a high
yield of valuable constituents and a high-grade extract in a
careful way.



Milk Thistle Dry Extract

EUROMED milk thistle extract is a standardized herbal extract of Silybum marianum L. fruits, an annual Mediterranean plant belonging to Asteraceae. It can also be found in warm dry regions of central Europe as well as South America and South Australia.


Milk thistle contains several groups of substances:
– Flavonolignans: Silymarin an isomer mixture of the flavonolignans silybin, silychristin and silydianin and other flavonolignans like isosilybin, isosilichristin, dehydrosilibin and dehydrosilichristin.
– Flavonoids: apigenin, eriodictyol, chrysoeriol, 5,7-dihydroxychromone, dihydrokaempferol, isofraxidin, naringenin, quercetin and taxifolin.
– Neolignan: dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol.
– Aliphatic oil: a high proportion of linoleum acid, oleic acid and palmitic acid as well as some other fatty acids together with tocopherol and sterols such as campesterol, cholesterol, sitosterol and stigmasterol.


The extract of milk thistle is used in the treatment of toxic liver damage and is also recommended for supportive treatment of chronic inflammatory liver diseases and cirrhosis. The therapeutic effect is based on the stimulation of RNA polymerase I in liver cells, the stabilisation of liver cell membranes and its antioxydative properties. Milk thistle possesses the ability to regenerate liver cells that have been injured.

Contraindications, interactions and side-effects

Milk thistle extract is generally well tolerated. Side-effects are rare when the standardised extract is taken. There are no known interactions with drugs usually prescribed.

Therapeutic Safety

Milk thistle extract is notable of its particularly high level of clinical safety. It is almost devoid of any side-effects and may be used by a wide range of people. Since it does stimulate liver and gallbladder activity, it may have a mild, transient laxative effect in some individuals.

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