Oak & IVY Itch Relief ( Wild Harvested and Organic ) Topical Spray of Grindelia, Jewel Weed, Witch Hazel

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AlchePharma's Oak and Ivy itch relief is a handcrafted formula by herbal artisans. This formula utilizes Organic Grindelia Flower, Organic Jewel Weed Herb, and Wild Harvested Witch Hazel for their maximum naturally occurring phytochemical composition. A favorite of Hikers and Forest Workers worldwide.

Grindelia Flower has been studied for the successful treatment of poison oak according to case reports:

Successful Treatment of Poison Oak Dermatitis Treated with Grindelia spp. (Gumweed)
Volume 11, Number 4, 2005, pp. 709–710

Jewelweed has been used for centuries for Poison Ivy where it is believed the Toxic urushiol oil in poison ivy is neutralized by jewelweed sap.

Witch Hazel Barks has been used as a Folk Remedy for centuries known by many laypeople for its astringent, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing qualities. It is believed to be efficacious in helping alleviate painful poison Ivy and Oak blister.