Ultra Dairy Digest ( 60 Vegetarian Capsules )

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Ultra Dairy Digest is a comprehensive blend of enzymes designed to aid in the digestion of dairy foods. Intolerance to dairy is often due to the inability to digest the milk sugar lactose. Intolerance to dairy can also be related to the proteins and fats that are found in dairy products. This formula not only contains lactase for lactose digestion but also proteases and lipases that specifically target milk proteins and milk fats for digestion. Our Ultra Dairy Digest formula may help ease the temporary di comfort associated with the incomplete digestion of dairy products. Now you can reap the health benefits of dairy food without the discomforts associated with their digestion.



  • Multi-enzyme dairy digesting formula
  • Cost-effective formula
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegetarian



  • 30-50 million Americans do not produce adequate lactase enzyme to digest many dairy products; formula helps to compensate for this enzyme deficiency.
  • The product provides support for the digestion of lactose, proteins, and fats found in dairy products.
  • Helps alleviate intestinal bloating and discomfort caused by incomplete digestion of dairy products.
  • Reduces unwanted immune responses to undigested dairy proteins.