Yerba Mansa- Fresh Anemopsis Californica Root- Ethically Wild Harvested-1fl oz (30ml)

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Anemopsis Californica, most commonly known as Yerba Mansa or Lizard Tail, is a perennial, low growing plant that is native to North America, specifically to Northwest Mexico and Southwestern United States. The root and rhizome (underground stem) are the part of Yerba Mansa that are typically used for its medicinal purposes.

Research of the known medicinal benefits of Yerba Mansa include: Anti-Microbial properties, Anti-Bacterial properties, Disinfectant, used for Wound Healing. Other uses of Yerba Mansa are: for the common cold and its symptoms like cough, mucus production and throat issues. Research also has shown uses for stomach and intestinal issues, constipation. May also provide Candida Support.