Herbs Liquid / Tinctures

OATS- Organic Fresh Milky Oat Seed Tincture ( Avena Fatua )
Gravel Root Tincture [ Harvested Ethically in the Wild, A 1:3 Herb Strength Ratio Concentrate ]
AP Ginger Rescue Certified Organic Fresh and Dry Ginger Root Concentrate 48 Servings per 4 oz. - AlchePharma
AP Elderberry Syrup Using Organic Elderberries, 6400mg. per Serving, Rich in Anthocyanins,12 Servings per Bottle, Glucose and Fructose Free, Vegetable Glycerin Base - AlchePharma
Yerba Mansa- Fresh Anemopsis Californica Root- Ethically Wild Harvested-1fl oz (30ml)
Passion Flower Tincture - ( Organic Passiflora incarnata) - 1:3 Herb Strength Ratio
Oak & IVY Itch Relief ( Wild Harvested and Organic ) Topical Spray of Grindelia, Jewel Weed, Witch Hazel
Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil [standardized to 70% carvacrol]-Immune-Reliance-1 fl. oz.-AlchePharma
Milk Thistle Organic Premium Seed Liquid Extract (No Alcohol)
Fenugreek Seed Liquid Tincture - ( Organic Trigonella foenum graecum)  - 1:3 Herb Strength Ratio
Lobelia Tincture ( Organic Fresh Lobelia Herb ) Herb Weight Equivalence 500 per 1 ml
Lomatium Root Tincture, Professionally Rated Herb Strength Ratio1:3 Wild Harvested
Yerba Santa Leaf Tincture - (Eriodictyon californica)- Ethically Wild Harvested
Neem Tincture ( Organic Neem Herb Concentrate, Azadirachta indica ) Professional 1:3 HSR
Arnica Montana Flower Tincture - TOPICAL USE ONLY - NOT Oil / NOT Homeopathic
Zinc Glycinate Liquid w/ Organic Elderberry, Umckaloabo, Organic Echinacea / Organic Stevia Sweetened
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Garlic Premium Enteric Coated High Yield 5000 mcg Allicin w/All The Naturally Occurring Sulfur compounds (thiosulfinates and Gamma-glutamyl-cysteines)
BCAA Powder 2L:1I:1V Ratio - Micronized water soluble professional blend
Green Coffee Bean Extract 400mg [ made from the highest quality Arabica beans, standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid ]-Weight Management-Reliance-AlchePharma
PRE-Workout Formula Clean Fit™ Fast Acting Creatine, beta-alanine, arginine, Kreb Cycle intermediates, guarana and more.-Pre Workout-AlchePharma-10.6 oz-AlchePharma